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        公司簡(jiǎn)介 Introduction

        China Conch Venture Holdings Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Conch Venture" or "Company") was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 19, 2013 (stock code: 00586.HK).The company is a large-scale enterprise group that provides a package solution for energy conservation and environmental protection. The industry involves four categories: energy conservation, environmental protection, new building materials, and port logistics.The business covers domestic waste treatment, solid waste and hazardous waste treatment, black and odorous water treatment, new building materials, port trade, waste heat power generation, high-efficiency energy-saving vertical mills, etc.

        Since its listing, the company has seized the country's vigorous efforts to promote green development opportunities, and its main environmental protection business has been continuously upgraded during the transformation.The two-wheel drive of the two core environmental protection technologies of grate furnace domestic waste incineration power generation and cement kiln co-processing of industrial solid waste and hazardous waste has been formed. The industry is moving from domestic to international, and it is in a leading position in the environmental protection industry.The company has a large-scale energy-saving and environmental protection technology research and development, equipment manufacturing base in Wuhu, Anhui.It is engaged in the research and development of waste incineration treatment, solid waste and hazardous waste environmental protection equipment and supporting auxiliary equipment, and provides integrated services for project investment, design, complete equipment, construction and installation, and operation management.

        In the next five years, the company will focus on the environmental protection industry, accelerate the transformation and development of energy-saving equipment manufacturing, strive to open a new phase in the new building materials industry, maintain the steady growth of port logistics business, and fully realize the "1133" development goal and the net profit over 10 billion business goal . "1133" means Solid waste and hazardous waste realized the contracted scale of 10 million tons/year, the garbage disposal realized the contracted scale of 18 million tons/year, the production and sales volume of new building materials ACA board was 31 million square meters/year, and the port logistics realized the throughput of 36 million tons/year.To become China's largest and world-leading large-scale comprehensive environmental protection enterprise group.


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        中國水泥窯協(xié)同處置技術(shù)創(chuàng )新突出貢獻獎